Driving Video Recorder(DVR)

The 2 or 4 loops will record the basic vehicle dynamics information, and store them in the video file in combination with the video and information to truly reproduce the vehicle situation.


Door Open Warning(DOW)

DOW door opening warning system detects full time when the vehicle has no flameout
When the indoor passenger has the driving action to open the door, the three warning functions are activated:

  1. The car outside the double yellow fault light flashes to remind the car to use the passerby car
  2. Car interior warning voice speaker prompt reminder
  3. The car interior warning light is on


Lane Change Assistance(LCA)

he LCA Lane Change Assist system avoids collisions when overtaking and changing lanes.
The rear radar sensor is responsible for monitoring the road conditions behind it. When a vehicle enters a potentially dangerous position, it immediately activates the warning symbol on the side mirror. If the driver then hits the direction light (before changing lanes), the symbol will begin to flash and the steering wheel will vibrate. In this way, the system ensures that the driver's risk of blind spots is as easy as mastering the rear vehicle.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert(RCTA)

The "RCTA Rear Cross Traffic Alert" is driven after reversing, shifting the gears into the reverse gear, and detecting the traffic behind the rear of the vehicle through two blind zone radars to reduce the traffic caused by the dead angle of the "reverse state". accident.
Through the two groups of systems, the two groups of systems can prevent and detect the conditions of the adjacent car traffic, speed, distance, etc., and achieve the role of "guardian security."


Blind Spot Detection(BSD)

(BSD) After the vehicle is started, the radar transmitters on both sides of the rear of the vehicle will transmit radar detection waves backwards. When the system processes the reflected signal and determines that there is a vehicle in the area, it sends a message to alert the driver. The vehicle is very close.


Lane Departure Warning System(LDWS)

When the vehicle speed is ≥ 50km / h, the LDW function is activated. The lane is detected by a camera mounted on the front windshield. If the vehicle is unconsciously deviated from the lane, the driver is alerted by sound and visual means to assist the driver to correct the direction and actively avoid the deviation from the guardrail and the road. Risks such as edges, avoiding side collisions in cars.


Front Collision Warning System(FCWS)

A 1.5 second warning in advance can reduce front-end collisions by 90%!
A warning of 2.0 seconds in advance can prevent almost all collisions!
When the vehicle speed is ≥20km/h, the FCW function is activated. The vehicle in front is detected by a camera mounted on the front windshield, and the distance between the vehicle and the preceding vehicle and the time of collision with the preceding vehicle are calculated.