Head-UP Display
In addition to display the vehicle speed, this new Shinex HUD expansion product features TPMS (Tire Pressure Measuring System), which detects abnormal tire pressure/temperature and gives signal to the HUD that will warn the driver the location of flat tire.

1. Safety: Tire pressure monitoring system measures the current tire pressure and temperature, and delivers information to the driver via TS-900.

2. Comfort and Control: sufficient tire pressure can optimize tire-ground co-efficiency on different road conditions, hence better driving comfort and control.

3. Fuel-Efficient: Sufficient tire pressure provides best fuel saving efficiency.


The TS900 can help to monitor tire pressure while driving: (1) Increase the traffic safety, if tire pressure is insufficient it will provide warning signal to driver within the abnormal wearing and tearing of tire. (2) Provide gas consuming efficiency from prevent the insufficient tire pressure it will decrease the gas consumption of car while driving. (3)Longer tire lifespan, it reduce the tire wearing and tearing; Wear and tear within the normal and steady tire pressure it can reduce asymmetrical tire traction line of tire. (4)Improves comfort of driving and controlling; sufficient tire pressure can optimally keep tires become coefficient in the different road conditions. (5)TS900 Provides warning signal function when vehicle travel over the speed limit, it can set up speed limit, icon or sound alert to remind driver over speeding.

Sensor Specification
Pressure range
0 ~ 60PSI.
Tire pressure ±1 PSI / temperature ±2 ℃
Operating voltage
Operating temperature
Battery life
5~8 years (depends on working hours per day)
HUD specification
Operating voltage
DC 9~15V
Operating temperature
Length 85mm X width 62mm X height18.8mm