LED Lighting Application
Automotive DTV
In-Car Multimedia System
Standard 2-Din Series
Car-Specific Model
Our In-Car Multimedia System is equipped with 6.5" TFT-LCD monitor, and features a user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface) for simple operation. In terms of video presentation, this system has a built-in single disc DVD player that supports DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, AVI and JPG multimedia formats. FM/AM radio feature is also available in this system, and can memorize up to 30 different radio channels which can be scanned and selected by using the touch screen GUI. For auxiliary usage, this system supports plug-in USB 2.0 flash or SD memory cards to play MP3, AVI and JPG video files. In addition, our In-Car Multimedia System can be connected with our Automotive Digital TV (available for users in Taiwan) to receive numerous Digital TV channels for leisure viewing. For driving assistance, user may utilize the built-in Navigation System for road information and destination direction, or couple with additional CCD unit for safer rear driving.
Standard 2-Din Series
MS-TS Series
MS-HS Series
Ni 02
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