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Nov. Shiney Refrigerating Machinery Inc. was founded in charge of the HVAC engineering of hotels, dust-free rooms, high-technology plants and large-scale office buildings and had gained the trust and recognition from the local clients.
May. The company was renamed into Shinex Electronic Industries Inc.
Nov. The Electronics Division was founded in engagement with R&D of LED application module products.
Oct. Shinex became the qualified supplier of LED parts/units for Astro Corp Inc,Taiwan. electronic game machines.
Nov. Shinex successfully entered the indoor/outdoor multimedia display market in Japan. We also developed LED taillight, LED HUD, GPS LED HUD and stepped into the international automotive aftermarket. We attained achievement in U.S., Russia, Germany, France, Greece, etc.
Jan. Shinex passed AFAQ ISO-90001:2000 certification.
Apr. The major plant of Greek X-Gear motorcycle adopted our LED digital dashboard.
Nov. Toyota-Carmax in Taiwan adopted Shinex HUD as one optional part.
Mar. Nissan, Ford and Mazda in Taiwan adopted Shinex HUD as the accessory parts.
Mar. Shinex passed ISO-14000 certification.
Apr. Shinex began mass-production phase of Indoor Pitch 7.62 multimedia display boards and exported to Japanese market.
Jul. Company office and factory was relocated to Jhonghe Industrial Park, with extended factory size of 7200square feet and 130 employees.
Nov. Shinex passed AFAQ TS:16949:2002 certification.